Our mission

Harambec was co-founded by Marlihan Lopez, Jade Almeida and Pauline Lomami in 2023. It is an organization that aims to defend the rights of Black women and non-binary Black people in the tradition of Black radical feminism.

Our work is rooted in Afrofuturistic, intersectional and decolonial Black feminisms. As a Black feminist organization, Harambec is committed to the idea of flame keeping through the preservation, continuation, and reclamation of Black feminist and African Diasporic knowledge and through exploring the relationship and intersections between Afrofuturist arts, scholarship and community organizing, therefore broadening the sectoral boundaries and reach Black Feminist activism and scholarship.

Photode Pauline, Marlihan et Jade adaptée depuis photos de Rose Napoléon

Our logo

In the words of our artist Noka Palm Tree : I wanted to create a custom type based design that was geometric, fluid and symmetrical. The letters give the impression of a cityscape representative of the organization being based in Montreal, Quebec. The letters are connected by a vertical line to represent the currents of the different aspects of the communal bonding black people of marginalized genders share. A circle starts at the stem of the ‘H’ and ends at the instroke and oustroke of the letter ‘C’. Although it takes action to birth something new, the ebb and flow of reciprocity is never ending.