Areas of involvement

Harambec has several areas of involvement.

Mentoring and networking

We aim to establish a mentoring network with a regular meeting schedule involving key players in different sectors, all in an inclusive and intergenerational approach. Our goal is to provide professional mentorship in the academic, arts and community sectors to support Black women and non-binary people. This includes sharing tools, helping to find funding, connecting with businesses, building capacity and exchanging knowledge.

Mobilization and outreach

We are planning multiple meetings to discuss and exchange on different themes. Harambec will be a platform to host and propel several essential projects for our communities. We will host a variety of events to meet the different needs of Black women and non-binary people: summer schools for Black children, conferences and panels, retreats, and artistic programming.

Archives and transmission

We are also building several collaborations that will aim to repair the damage done by the systemic erasure of Black radical feminists’ contributions in academia, the arts, and social movements. This includes extensive work on existing archives of Black community-led activism and the creation of courses on the contributions of Black women and non-binary people to the arts and social sciences.