Afro Pride faces smear campaign from members of Montreal Caribbean community

In the article published by Toula Drimonis on the CULT MTL website, Jade Almeida and Marlihan Lopez discuss the harassment campaign against the Afro Pride organizing team. Sonja Matschuck reached out to Harambec to tell us about the online harassment they have been suffering since the cancellation of Carifiesta.

Harambec offers its support to Afro Pride and denounce this misleading campaign rooted in homophobia and transphobia.

“This year, with the unfortunate cancellation of the 2023 edition of Carifiesta by the City of Montreal, Afro Pride decided it would honour Carifiesta, and its 47 years of existence, by presenting a tribute to it at the Pride Parade, on Aug. 13. A decision taken out of love and solidarity has, instead, created a targeted backlash, with Afro Pride organizers receiving an onslaught of negative messages with homophobic and transphobic sentiments.”