Job offer – Two (2) Main FacilitatorsJob offer

To successfully carry out the Montreal Freedom School Project, Harambec is seeking two main facilitators.

Job Offer: Two (2) Main Facilitators

About Harambec

Harambec is an organization dedicated to defending the rights of Black women and Black non-binary individuals in the tradition of Black radical activism. Our work is rooted in Afrofuturistic, intersectional, and decolonial Black feminisms. As a Black feminist organization, Harambec is committed to the idea of flame keeping through the preservation, continuation, and reclamation of Black feminist and African Diasporic knowledge. We explore the relationship and intersections between Afrofuturist arts, scholarship, and community organizing, thereby broadening the sectoral boundaries and reach of Black feminist activism and scholarship.


This summer Harambec is launching its pilot project The Montreal Freedom School (MFS) that will take place for the first time in Montreal from August 5 to August 16, 2024.

Inspired by the Freedom School tradition, we’ve created a sanctuary for Black youth to learn, discuss relevant topics, develop strategies to address real-life challenges, and forge strong community connections. The Freedom School would not only foster a strong sense of identity, pride, and cultural appreciation, but it would also equip Black youth with the knowledge, skills, and tools to challenge systemic racism. This space can also offer relief for Black parents by providing a safe and supportive space for them to come together, exchange valuable insights, resources, and support one another in navigating these challenges.

By providing a dedicated anti-racist program specifically tailored to meet the needs of Black youth, we can create a space where they can thrive, free from the burden of racial bias and discrimination. This initiative aims to engage our youth in conversations crucial to their development as they prepare to return to school. It’s also an opportunity for them to receive training in leadership and community organizing to enhance their contributions to society.

The program will feature participatory workshops led by experienced facilitators and guest speakers, as well as activities like walking history tours, meditation, film screenings, and arts workshops. Topics covered include Black identity in Quebec & Canada, preventing gender-based violence, recognizing threats to Black lives locally & globally, practicing solidarity, learning from past & current resistance movements, Restorative Justice practices, and reclaiming our stories.

To successfully carry out this project, Harambec is seeking two main facilitators.


  • Supervising and engaging with a group of youth
  • Implementing and leading programming activities according to the required plan
  • Ensuring well-being and safety of youth participants at all times
  • Acting as a motivator and maintaining youth’s interest in activities
  • Setting up, checking, and storing equipment before and after each activity
  • Maintaining equipment and facilities in good condition
  • Providing first aid and following protocols during interventions in cases of injuries.
  • Completing and submitting required reports (accidents, weekly programming updates, thematic or any other requested report) to camp supervisors.
  • Informing camp supervisors of any observed issues or anomalies.
  • Attending team programming debriefs and general meetings.
  • Participating in team training sessions.


  • Always ensure the safety of youth.
  • Provide first aid as needed.
  • Write all necessary accident reports.
  • Ensure follow-up with parents and camp management.
  • Report any accidents or anomalies to camp management.


  • Identify as Black
  • Be Dynamic, creative, and motivated.
  • Hold a relevant certification (CPA, DAFA, or equivalent).
  • Have Experience working with youth.
  • Be passionate about social justice and community organizing.

Work Conditions

  • Salary: $29.81 per hour.
  • Work schedule:
    • Monday – Friday, 8:30AM-4:30PM (Lunch break 12PM-1:15PM)
    • Position is from August 5-16 
  • Additional work
    • Celebration Event: August 17, 8AM-4PM (To be confirmed)
    • Training Sessions : 2 days in July (To be confirmed)
    • Prep/Set up day: August 4 (Schedule to be confirmed)
    • Wrap-up/Evaluation day: To be confirmed

Application Deadline: Please apply by June 15, 2024.

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